Texte d'introduction

Collective ski class

Learning and having fun !

A great way for your child to meet new friends in a friendly and sportive atmosphere while progressing in ski. For a better class dynamic and for an efficient follow-up, it’s appropriate to follow the same class during at least one week.

Test and medal included from 5 consecutive days.

Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici
season schedule
+ off Holidays
French winter holidays
DatesFrom 18.12 to 31.12.2022
+From 29.01 to 4.02.2023
+ From 5.03 to 11.03.2023
From 5.02 to 4.03.2023
Afternoon2pm-4pm (Christmas only)-
PROMO scheduleWeeks promo
PeriodsJanuary March 
DatesFrom 29.01 to 4.02.2023 From 12.03.2023 to the closing
PRICESTest included except for a 2 or a 3 hours ticket
6 lessons of 2 hours203 €
2 hours lesson49 €
6 lessons of 3 hours243 €
3 hours lesson59 €
Promotional weeks
6 lessons of 3 hours 195 €
3 hours ticket47 €
Prices do not include lifts, insurance or equipment.